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[Rules] - Forum Conduct

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[Rules] - Forum Conduct

Post by kiwiQQ on Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:58 pm

Forum Code of Conduct. Disobedience will cost you. Twisted Evil

Harassment, Flaming, Trolling

  1. Strictly prohibited. Any posts that have taken this to the next level will be removed.
  2. ==> Have control over what you say, and how you say it.
  3. We are a community. If you have something against an individual of this community that has nothing to do with us, deal with it elsewhere.
  4. ==> With bare exception that your issue requires our aid. (We are willing to help cheers )

Forum Moderation
  • Sensation™️ Moderators at any given time, will move, edit, delete, or close posts or threads that...
    • Do not relate in respect to the topic, or is irrelevant to the topic
    • Intends to harass or flame a member
    • Contains unacceptable stereotypes (Racial, Political, etc)

  • Do NOT discuss Actions of our Moderators in forums (with the exception of a Moderator allowing it), else the post WILL be deleted.
    • Sensation™️ Moderators know the Code of Conduct instinctively

Forum Etiquette
  • Do not SHOUT in an unrestrained manner. It is impudent and aggravating.
  • No plagiarizing. Do not take in the ownership of work that is not yours without proper citations (credits).
  • No begging without reason. Time is precious. If your time is not, do not assume it is the same for others.
  • You are given the privilege to post as you will; treasure it, for this privilege will be take away once you violate the laws of the clan.

Credits: KiwiQQ
References: Experience from other Forums, Intuition.

Questions? PM me.
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